Chandigarh – The Beautiful Garden City of Northern India

Planning a trip to India? Welcome to the town of gardens – Chandigarh – states capital and a Union Territory*. Chandigarh, designed through the well-known architect Le Corbusier, is an extraordinary example of a continuing combination of modernisation and the nature’s preservation. Apparently it is the only town in which the 2 completely opposite principles – serenity and town – come together to add to the splendor of the metropolis.

Trees and flowers are an equal a part of the development plans as the buildings and roads. Keeping as much as its call of ‘The City Beautiful’ usa’s first planned city, built in 1953, is a wealthy, wealthy, spic and span, inexperienced metropolis which boasts of diverse gardens and parks that not most effective upload to the veggies of the town but also facilitates in keeping the pollution levels in test.

Some of the first-rate and famous gardens in Chandigarh are as follows. These gardens are a must visit for everybody and every body.

1. Rose Garden

Zakir Rose Garden, Asia’s largest rose garden, is spread throughout location of 30 acres and boasts of fifty,000 rose-trees with 1600 sorts of roses planted in a beautifully carved out lawns and flower beds. ‘Smell the roses’ is an apt description of what you could do right here. In truth the collection consists of no longer best herbal types however also many hybrid types cultivated through tissue subculture. And a number of them are rare sorts of rose. Beautifully manicured lawns with the heady fragrance of roses make it a great spot for picnic or romantic getaway for the couples. The lawn become planned and conceived in 1967 under the expert guidance of Dr M S Randhawa because of his prolific hobby in horticulture and fondness for flowers and is named after India’s president Zakir Hussain. The best time to visit this garden is between February and March. The famous Rose festival is widely known right here with a top notch pomp and show either in February stop or starting of March. It is touted as certainly one of the largest celebrations in the city and extra than 20,000 human beings go to this festival.

2. Pinjore gardens

Also called Yadavindra gardens, Pinjore gardens lies on the foothills of decrease Shivalik stages and is 20 kilometres from Chandigarh and 15 kilometres from Panchkula. One of the most popular and charming Mughal gardens makes for an ideal picnic spot with manicured lawns and the weekends are the great time to visit these gardens because the fountains are switched on and the lighting reflecting on the palaces makes a lovely photo.

The gardens boasts of flagged pathways going for walks to the outer reaches of the creeper protected wall and various bushes like Palm, mango, shapely cypresses, and dense groves of bushes deliver a mysterious look to the garden. The lawn turned into designed with the aid of Nawab Fadia Khan – foster brother of Aurangazeb the Mughal emperor – and stored the design on the classic Charbagh sample with a water frame in the centre. After the loss of life of Fadia Khan the lawn become neglected until the Maharaja of Patiala (Punjab) Yadavindra Singh restored the gardens to its gift glory hence the name Yadavindra gardens.

Three. Garden of perfume

Chandigarh’s garden of fragrance is a ought to visit garden of the town and is located at the southern side of Hibiscus garden in zone 36. Famous for its one-of-a-kind fragrant and fragrant flora, the garden boasts of flowers like damask rose, Queen of the night time, Motia, Champa, Haar Shingar, Hennaand forms of Jasmine. Owing to its fragrant plants and green manicured lawns the lawn of fragrance is a suitable picnic spot. There are tracks for the health freaks to experience their walks or every day workouts.

Four. Chandigarh Bougainvillea Park

Chandigarh Bougainvillea Park, celebrated for its shade and beauty, the kind of bougainvillea, attracts tourists from all over the usa and international. The lawn brags approximately 65 distinct forms of bougainvillea in diverse colorings and colorings that is a mesmerising sight. Situated in zone three Chandigarh, the park became first opened to the public in 1976 and has been charming the tourists’ attention when you consider that then. Beautifully enshrouding the bowers, arches, pavilions, and arcades are creepers comprehensive region within the park. The celebrated bougainvillea show is organised here to rejoice the splendor and type of bougainvillea.

Enthralling the traffic since it turned into first opened to the general public the park is a satisfaction of Chandigarh.

Five. Terraced flower gardens

Located within the region 33, Chandigarh — the terrace lawn turned into installation in 1979 covering the vicinity of 10 acres. Lighted musical fountain is the main attraction of this garden. The popular annual Chrysanthemum show is held here. With a few exceptional styles of flowering vegetation the ecosystem is tranquil and citizens are frequently come right here to enjoy the cool breeze and to ceremonial dinner their eyes on the encompassing splendor.

* A Union Territory is a sub-country wide administrative division of India, within the federal framework of governance. Unlike the states of India, which have their very own elected governments, union territories are ruled immediately with the aid of the federal government; the President of India appoints an Administrator or Lieutenant-Governor for each territory

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