Solar Energy: Hidden Benefits No One Thinks Of

Solar energy continues to make headlines, and has for quite a few years now, with each new headline boasting of another wonderful benefit, such as rural areas that are off the grid receiving power. Most of the benefits of solar are well-known, such as doing your part to stop global warming and reduced energy bills. There are quite a few benefits to installing this that most people are not aware of though.

Low maintenance

Most people do not realize how low maintenance panels are until they install them. Then, they discover that these only need to be cleaned once, maybe twice a year, making them a part of fall and spring cleaning.

Surprisingly weather resistant

One of the largest concerns among those that are new to the world of solar panels is that they will have them installed only to discover that they are significantly damaged after a minor storm. What most people do not realize is that these bad boys are surprisingly weather resistant.

Whether they are damaged by the wind will depend on the mounting job. If a mounting job was not done properly, it may not stand up to high winds, resulting in them falling off the roof. Other than that, wind is not a problem.

Rain is another thing that is not a problem. The most that rain will do is clean the dirt off them for homeowners, saving them a little bit of work later down the road.

Hail, on the other hand, is a whole different story. Minor hail storms will more than likely not do any damage. Golf sized hail, on the other hand, may do quite a bit of damage. As a rule of thumb, if the area has frequent hail storms that can damage a car’s windshield, they can damage a panel.


Most people take this hidden benefit for granted. Most other renewable sources of energy, such as wind turbines, will cause a significant amount of noise, hence why most people do not enjoy having them near their house. Solar panels, on the other hand, are virtually noiseless, allowing you to enjoy lower electric bills without making a homeowner suffer.

You can lease panels

One of the major, and only, downfalls about this renewable source of energy is the cost that it takes to purchase the panels, have them professionally installed and so on. Some companies are making this easier than ever by allowing homeowners to lease them, which is the biggest cost to converting to this renewable energy source. In addition to being able to lease them, most companies that offer this service have insurance on them, saving homeowners even more money.

You can sell what you don’t use

This idea has become quite popular in several areas. Individuals that store energy for a rainy day (literally) usually wind up with so much that they do not need it all at some point. They can then take this energy and sell it back to the grid to earn a few extra bucks. There are usually limits on how much can be sold and prices vary, but if a homeowner isn’t going to use it anyway, why not sell it to someone else?

Solar panels are known for helping families live off the grid, cutting down on electric bills and for helping the environment. While these major benefits continue to make headlines, most families are unaware of these hidden benefits to solar energy until they have installed them on their roof and are already enjoying them. Then, they begin to realize all the benefits that this renewable energy source truly has to offer their family.

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