Wealth-Building Attitude – Psychological Tips to Improve Your Financial Health

In this economy it is more important than ever to have a good relationship with Money. You financial health is very much linked with your physical and psychological health and so you want to be healthy and well-rounded in all of these main areas of your life. In this article I want to share some psychological tips with you on how to improve your relationship with money and it starts with improving the ultimate relationship-the one you have with yourself.

There is plenty of information you can find that will give specifics on investment, real estate, stocks, bonds, etc. so that is not what we will be covering here. how-to-improve-your-financial-health We probably all know people who have done well in various financial enterprises only to lose it all or find themselves sabotaging their efforts.

This article will focus on you and how you feel about yourself and how this can powerfully affect your relationship with money and success and financial freedom. Ironically, improving your relationship with yourself will enhance ALL of your relationships in your life. That includes with other people and with things or concepts like fame, success, wealth, health.

So here is a quick way to remember some of the most important concepts in relating to yourself and the World you live in. ULTRA Relationship. You can count each letter on a finger of your hand. Each one stands for crucial elements in any healthy relationship. Understanding, Like, (Unconditional Love would be the goal, while understanding yourself and others the best you can will help improve all areas of your interactions in life) Trust/Truth (trusting that you are at the right place, at the right time and that you will find ways to improve your life) Respect (a deeper level of self-respect tends to cause a ripple effect that others can sense and feel and so they will respect you more. Also, having a deeper level of self-respect tends to make you show more respect towards others. After all, we all living creatures with basic needs and wants and then some specifics that make use each unique and special) Acceptance (self acceptance helps you to deal with the things you cannot quite understand and yet you can trust that you are in the right place doing what you need to and you can accept others and their actions a bit more easily. You can strive to be Your BEST SELF, while accepting yourself and others are you/they are)

Each night before sleeping you can focus on these 5 elements ULTRA and after some self meditation I want you to now include your relationship with money, wealth, finances, success. Breath deeply and slowly as you imagine improving your relationship with yourself and then take this further by imagining that money is like a twin that you now understand better.

You trust that now is the time to improve this communication and connection between you two. Instead of resentment or regret “what took you so long to find me” you will feel more that this is the time and place and how this relationship is to be made more fulfilling. You can start to accept how things were and that now things are improving and will continue to do so more naturally and easily with each and every breath…

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