The Growing Market For Trade Show Exhibit Rental

Choosing an exhibit rental company is something that a lot of businesses put off until the last minute. Although it’s not advisable to wait until the bitter end, it is understandable. Trade shows and conventions exist in a nebulous area of marketing and it is hard to decide what exactly to do at these events.

When it comes to trade show booths, people know what they like about other booths. But they often have a hard time finding or creating a booth that works for their own business.

This is when exhibit rental companies enter the picture. Professionals at these companies can help exhibitors plan, design, and execute an amazing exhibit display.

So, for those businesses that have waited until the last minute, the following is a quick guide to picking the best company to turn to for quality exhibit rentals.HVAC Contractors

Let’s Talk
A good exhibit rental provider will be communicative. Not only should they be easily reached via phone or email, they should also have questions to ask you.

Too many businesses that are new to the industry make bad decisions about display booths, then have problems understanding why their exhibits failed. An ethical provider will ask a series of questions that are designed to create a profile that is specific to the needs of each customer.

For example, some of the first questions they should ask include the following:

How often will you need to rent a booth?
Which trade show(s) will you attend?
What type of product will you promote?
Once they have this basic information, providers can then delve more fully into your needs and help you come up with the best design.

The Graphic Details
Businesses new to the scene are notorious for failing at graphic design. This doesn’t mean that a business doesn’t have a good creative director or design team, it just means that what looks good on company letterhead, or even a web page, doesn’t always translate well to tradeshow graphics.

Show graphics need to convey a message in less than five seconds. They need to represent your business while also giving potential customers a general idea about what you are providing.

In the end this means more than a logo. Your message has to be reflected in every aspect of the exhibit display. This includes extras like furniture, flooring, and even lighting.

The ideal exhibit rental company will have design specialists, as well as graphics consultants, to help you achieve your promotional goals.

Visual Representations
Exhibit booth representatives should be able to provide you with computer models of your planned exhibit. The first time you see your rental and all of its accoutrements should not be on the exhibit floor.

Instead, it should be a computer mockup that can be adjusted before you make any final decisions about the booth design.

Designers should also be able to show you a portfolio of exhibit designs of exhibit displays that are similar to your own. This portfolio should include actual photographs of booths in action at various trade shows. Finally, you should also insist on viewing an example exhibit in person.

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