Borrowed or Invented by Constantine

Following my reincarnation and commissions given to me by the Spirit of the Universe many things were shown to me. My experience brought knowledge that heaven and hell are myths and weapons to get people to follow leaders and obey their commands. Religion is the order of choice as most have a desire to know God and to understand their purpose in life. Between lives a vision showed that my work would not commence before 45 years and 2 months past that birthday the Spirit gave me my first commissions with great power.

Pinning me to the bed it said “tear down the wall of churches, go out to the people and bring back the young. Three quick visions followed. In the first a man resembling the image of Jesus Christ was preaching to a crowd on a hill. In the second I had replaced him and in the third my face was on a screen like that of a computer.

In the next commission soon after I was asked to take God off the cross. Then I was shown these words standing up in the air before my eyes in large capital letters: CONSTANTINE IS 666.

Many things followed as the Spirit led me back to the beginning of Islam and Babylon. It showed me how Ishmal, the son of Abram, was the start of it. His people were the Amors and they built and occupied Babylon. They worshipped the sun-star which they named ‘Ma-r-i’ because it means ‘mother’s powerful eye’. She was, in effect, the Mother God of their world.

The Amors were a race of conquerors and murderers. They quickly dominated the entire Mesopotamian region before making their way through Mediterranean countries, such as Italy. It was her that they built their next city, Roma, which is the reverse of Amor. They became the Romans and continued on in their dominating conquering and murdering ways. cansa

One of their descendants was Constantine who established the Roman Catholic Church in 325 AD. He is credited with being the first Christian emperor but that is far from the truth. In effect what he did was to reinstate the Mother God as the Mother of God and to surpass all previous Christs with her so-called son, Jesus Christ. There is absolutely no evidence that such a being ever existed outside of what the Catholic Church published in the New Testament.

The mysteries of the early church came screaming off the pages of books the Spirit led me to for researching the facts. One of those was by Fray José, a Spanish monk, who was appointed by Philip II of Spain to write the biography of Jerome. The subject of that work was the one who compiled the New Testament and appears to have written Matthew, which contains church laws that he formulated.

As the work in the Spirit progressed a degree in Archaeology, Anthropology and Linguistics confirmed the things that visions had shown me. Sacred sites from around the world told the same story. The sun was the source of religious power and it has never changed. Mary is the chief God of the Catholic Church to this day.

What was uncovered was that as the sun-star of Babylon, which sits on the flag of Islam, her attractive appearance caused men to believe that could marry (mary) her. To do that they died on crosses at dawn as the cross is the sun-sign that appears inside the circles of rainbow colours when the beam of sunlight passes through an aperture, as happened on the top of ziggurats.

Linguistically the letters [C], [Ch], [K], [T], [X],and [Q] were identical in sound in ancient times. They all stand for ‘cross’. The letter [r] or [ra] means ‘power’, [i] means éye’, and [S] is an old symbol for ‘spirit’. The men who died on the crosses were called, therefore, ‘ch-r-i-s-t’ or ‘t-r-i-s-t’ or ‘k-r-i-s-t’. Together they are all the origin of ‘Christ’. Sometime the [t] was left off the end making ‘kris’ or ‘chris’. This is in ‘Krish-na’ the third person of the Vedic Trinity.

It is the latter that the Book of Matthew is styled upon. He was born of a virgin and was whisked to Egypt by his parents when the evil king Cansa killed all the babies in the hope of getting rid of him. He returned to India at the age of 12 and his first miracle was changing water to wine. These Christs are all personifications of the returning sun at the time of the winter solstice. That is why their birthday is 25th December.

Christianity began in Babylon with the first Christ crucified as a mate for Mary. He gave rise to the idea of a Father God which later would surpass the Mother God as the greatest. It is all based on fiction and man’s imagination and ability to dream of a paradise beyond life. Constantine overrode all the Christs before his time by banning them and raising his invented image of Jesus Christ to surpass them.

Without the Spirit guiding me the full story would never have been told but now it looms large as the basis of the wall that hides the truth. Those who are young in spirit are trapped behind it because of the myths of heaven in hell. They think that if they go against their religion they will spend an eternity in flames. Nothing could be further from the truth.

We are in the last days and everyone who ever lived is reborn in a new body, thus the great overpopulation taking place now. Likewise it is the time of judgement as those who are of the Spirit and have obeyed that little voice within have come away from the false gods, idols, celebrities and other forbidden things and are walking in the Spirit. They are called the Children of Israel and they have nothing to do with the Jews.

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