Airports in and Around London UK

Biggin hill airport

This airport in located on Biggin hill in the London borough of Bromley. It is one of the 9 commercial airports serving London, and one of three within the limits of the city. The airport has a rich history, where it served as the principal fighter base during World War II. Now it mainly serves private aircrafts, business jets and is also being used for training purposes. Close to the airport is the St. George’s chapel of Remembrance. This church was erected after the earlier was destroyed by fire. It now serves as a memorial hall for all those who died, flying from the Begin hill sector. It has a large garden that is guarded by replicas of a Spitfire and a Hurricane, planes that were used during the war. The airport is also the site of the annual air show that attracts a record number of tourists and enthusiasts. The air show is called Biggin hill international air fair, and has been taking place since 1963.

London heliport

The busiest heliport in London, this heliport is located on the south bank of the famous river Thames. It Chauffeur London is a an amazing landing spot for incoming passengers as they get an amazing view of the river Thames and the beautiful city surrounding it. It has been catering to VIP’s, celebrities and businessmen for the past fifty years. The heliport provides many services such as chauffeur, taxi and car hire services upon arrival. Other services include, customer lounge facilities, rest room for the crew, helicopter charter services, among many others. Another aspect about the London heliport which attracts clients is the availability to conduct conferences, meetings and other events with a spectacular view of the heliport. The London heliport also offers services of immigration and customs. It is the capital city’s only heliport to have gained the commercial license. The Battersea heliport, the other name that it is known by, had been owned previously by Westland and then Harrods. It is currently owned by the Reuben brothers. The airport receives heavy traffic and it served as a major heliport during the recently held Olympics in London.

Ashford airport

This airport is known popularly as the Lydd Airport. This airport is located south of Ashford in the district of Shepway. It was formerly known as Ferryfield and was the first airport in the UK to be built after the Second World War. Ashford airport has all the facilities of a modern airport and caters to all the needs of passengers and crew. The airport is equipped to handle all kinds of aircraft operations like executive jets, helicopters and so on. It also has facilities for a secure hangarage and aircraft parking with special areas designated for VIP clients. The airport supports its own airline called Lydd air which flies to le Touquet, located in the northern part of France.

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