Basic Keyboard Skills

The only skills you need are basic keyboard skills. Provided you can switch on the n Builders North Wales  PC go to a website and you can point and click and type words on the keyboard that is as much as you have to be able to do to build your very own websites. Now you will be able to impress your friends and say; “I build this website” and they will be amazed.

So now you know; there is software out there that makes it so simple to build your own website there is nothing to stop you from doing it. All you have to do is go and search for a program to do this on the internet.

There was no doubt about it, learning to program in html took a lot of time learning and even to this day, I would not say I had learnt everything there is to programming in html. For any one starting out and who wants to get a website published fast, there are tools available to do just that and the good news is; you do not have to be an html programmer to do it. In fact, there is an online program which enables you to take templates, comprehensively modify them, or start with a blank template and build a website from scratch and you do not see one bit of html code. How is this done? The good part to this is that once you have opened up a template, you see the page visually and as you move your cursor over the elements on the page so a tag is highlighted at the side of the page. It works the other way in that if you place the cursor on the tags at the side of the page the corresponding element on the page is highlighted.

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